On 2 September 2015 the world was provided with a stark reminder of the humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Middle East. 3-year old Aylan Kurdi and his 5-year old brother, Galip, were escaping Syria, where four years of war has led to the worst humanitarian crisis in a generation. They both drowned, along with their mother and at least eleven others.

The image of Aylan washed up on a beach has prompted outcry around the world. That image symbolizes the collective failure of the international community as a whole.  The sad reality is that Aylan is not the first child victim of conflict in Syria and will certainly not be the last. Tens of thousands of children have been killed as a result of conflict in Syria. Millions have been forced from their homes, are living in over-stretched or poorly serviced refugee camps and are unable to go to school.

This fund has been set-up to honour the pursuit of peace, well-being and education that many thousands of children have bravely undertaken and continue to undertake, children like Aylan and his brother that, all too often, are let down by humanity at large. The Aylan Kurdi Fund will engage in a number of fund-raising work over the coming period and, for its inaugural campaign, is donating all proceeds to Hand In Hand For Syria, a UK registered charity that has been at the forefront of humanitarian aid in Syria since the conflict began. The organisation’s work has been widely reported, including by the BBC, Guardian and Channel 4 News.